Album Review : Behind The Light

Album Review : Behind The Light
Artist : Philip Phillips
Genre : Pop / Country

behind the light
What I can say with this album is just it tried to showcase and package this American Idol winner as the next best thing. Yes, he has a good voice, an endearing charm, and easy to like personality. With these characteristics, it is easy to fall into ordinariness of things. The producers of this album and the singer himself could have opted to lead a safe path. Instead, they took both the familiar road and the tricky road.

The familiar road are songs that are radio friendly, nice lyrics, easy to hum melodies, and middle of the road musical arrangements. The tricky road is experimenting with various styles of music; you have pop, folk, country, and rock in this album. Thus, as a result, the album is quite confusing. His voice quality here is more rock but most of the songs are arranged country style and delivered like the usual pop songs; you know with lots of yelling and musical shifts. As a result, some songs lack passion like “Midnight Sun”, “My Boy” and “Fly.”

And the problem with all of the songs in this album is that it follows a certain musical path; slow then rises up, the back to slow. All of the songs tried to soar together with the singer but somehow, it could not accelerate fully. Thus, you will find yourself using the next button to listen to another song and realize that it is just more of the same. It is good that the production aspect is quite polished.


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