Album Review : Beautiful Mess

Album Review : Beautiful Mess
Artist : Swing Out Sister
Genre : Pop / Jazz
beautiful mess
When you have released several studio albums, there is a tendency for you to repeat yourself. Swing Out Sister is no exception to this syndrome as the group had it done already with Shapes and Patterns which could be a tribute album to their previous albums which were “Kaleidoscopic World” and Get In Touch With Yourself.”

Thus, there is a danger for this album to follow similar path.
Fortunately, most of the songs in this record may sound like some songs in their early records but you just cannot say that these are reworks of those songs. What we have in this record are songs which are intended for intimate performances. No songs that require big band music, special instruments, and even pretentious lyrics and make me impress melodies. What is noticeable here is that the vocal performance of Corinne Drewery is even more mature and solid. This time, you get to hear words as exactly it should be pronounced; no eating of words tendencies like she did with It’s Better To Travel album where she tended to mince her words and difficult to understand what she was singing all about.

In terms of production, this record is more polished. After Kaleidoscopic World, succeeding albums were lacking in production quality like some songs need some few instruments here and there. In this album, there is a balance on instruments used, in fact vocals were not drowned with the musical background. Best bets in this album are: Something Every Day, Time Tracks You Down, I’d Be Happy (a gem), Sister Out There, and the title track Beautiful Mess.

I rate this record 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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