Album Review : 7 Skies

Album Review : 7 SKIES
Artist : The Flaming Lips
Genre : Rock
flaming lips
When Miley Cyrus immortalized The Flaming Lips through a tattoo on her body, lots of her fans would become curious and find out more about this band. And one thing is sure, they will focus on the band’s latest opus and check for themselves if the band is good or not. This band has long history and cult following ensuring them that every record they produced will have target audiences. Miley’s fans would be a good addition only if the fans will like this album. Let us see.

Maturity, yes, this is the thing that young fans would need in order to appreciate this album. This factor will help them understand why “7 Skies” is a delightful song despite its melancholic ambiance. It will also make them appreciate the insanity that “Battling Voices From Beyond” wants to convey to listeners. It is the reason why they need to ask how come the band is able to construct a song that fits to its title like in “In A Dream.” Maturity will help them analyze that you do not need substance to go under a trance listening to psychedelic songs like “Cant Let It Go.”

The verdict is that, they will definitely gain only few Miley Cyrus fans but will keep their cult following and even add more members from those influenced by their followers by just listening to this album. The artistry that they commanded in this record is simply awesome not even Green Day can a hold a candle to The Flaming Lips production in this album. I rate this record 4 stars out of 5 stars.


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