Album Review : Whisper

Album Review : Whisper
Artist : Passenger
Genre : Pop

It is indeed quite rare for an album to have all songs as acceptable listening pleasure; simply means all songs are friendly to the ears and will make listeners bore to death. This is one danger one you put out an easy listening music album, there is that great chance that all songs will sound the same. In this album, it is only the vocals that sound alike. The songs included in this album are somewhat different in terms of sound and tune. Some are pure acoustic, so raw that you though some of these are delivered acapella.

How different the songs from each other? “Coins in A Fountain” is reggae like, “Riding To New York” seems like a folk melody here, “Scare Away The Dark” feels like an unplugged version of a certain rock song, “27” feels like a Bruce Springsteen song (think of “Working in The Highway” in Born in The USA album), “Hearts on Fire” sways along like a Tuck and Patti repertoire. What is surprising here is that “Bullets” is more like a Neil Young songs during Rust Never Sleeps era. Melancholy is rampant in “Golden Leaves” and feels like a poetry reading with a fiddle in the background. There is samba atmosphere in “Thunder.” Folk song influence is very evident in “Rolling Stone” song. “Start A Fire” has some country music influence. And finally, pop structure is finally revealed in “Whisper”.

With those differences, you will never get bored listening to this record. I rate this album 4 stars out of 5 stars.


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