Album Review : LION

Album Review : Lion
Artist : Peter Murphy
Genre : Rock
Rock veteran Peter Murphy tries his hand again with “Another Brick On The Wall” like album. We cannot fault him if wants to do so. If you are to review his musical history and background, you knew that he was once the lead member of British rock band Bauhaus. If you happen to listen to one of their albums, you are already familiar with the style: gothic rock and Pink Floyd like rock music.

Peter Murphy is so familiar and comfortable with critics described as gloomy rock. Thus, his musical structure in this album was no different from his earlier solo albums. Just like with those recordings, there are dragging songs, boring music, painful to hear lyrics, and forced vocals at times. Yes, there are some few hits at times. In this album, “I Am My Own Name” feels like a vampire movie soundtrack and at the same time a marching anthem. “Holy Clown” can fit as musical background of any future Stephen King movies. “Eliza” can be a tribute song on his Bauhaus days.

The songs in the second CD in this album are all live performances compilation. You can do away listening to this if you find the first CD needs huge effort on your part to finish the whole album. Indeed, Peter Murphy did not only evolve as legacy act but his output becomes boring after each album he releases.

I give this record 2 stars out of 5 stars.


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