Album Review : Agent Cooper

Album Review : Agent Cooper
Artist : Russian Red
Genre : Pop / Electronic

Russian Red is an indie singer. She however has a voice that is in the league with Lana Del Rey and Ellie Goulding combined. However, her album Agent Cooper does not bear any imprint of what both mentioned ladies did. In fact, there are lots of eighties references in this album. Some beats are similar with some Pat Benatar songs. Some tempos are reminiscent of Book of Love.
If you are familiar with songs during the “me” decade (the eighties of course), you will find all of her songs unoriginal. This kind of style was already exploited not only with female artists in those times but even male bands like The Alarm, The Cure, B52’s, and Scandal.

However, if you are the kind of listener who are born after in the late nineties and grew up appreciating music in late 2000’s, you might find this artist quite unique.

Despite having a common style with bands or performers of long ago, still the album is a delight especially if you want to appreciate how good 80’s music was. I rate this record 2.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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