Album Review : Word of Mouth

Album Review : Word Of Mouth
Artist : Seth Lakeman
Genre : Pop / Folk

word of mouth
For someone who is not quite exposed with folk songs, this album is quite a surprise and a wonder. There are so many reasons why Word of Mouth will live to its title. Seth Lakeman is no longer new in music. He is recognized as one of the talented Lakeman Brothers. He is nominated once for Mecury Prize, thus, the quality of songs presented in this record is totally expected.

The record starts with a bang with “The Wanderer” which listeners will find it easy to listen as it is lively and folk instruments is drowned with how own vocals and guitar strumming. “Another Long Night” can be likened to usual American country songs performed by Eric Church and Keith Urban. In “The Courier,” he shows to listeners how good he is with fiddle along with musical arrangement. You will notice that the song is constructed in a way that one would not think of it as an Irish Folk song but instead one of those REM songs trying to be novel and innovative.

Traditional rendition of folk song is provided with songs like “Labour She Calls Home,” “Bells,” and “The Saddest Crowd.” His familiarity with pop songs is evident with “Tiger.” It cannot be helped that songs like “Portrait of My Life,” “Each Man,” and Bal Maiden” can be considered as experimental as the artist is known to geared towards artistic tendencies instead of commercial success. This could be the reason why he is part of so many folk ensembles.

This is one record that you want to listen if you want to escape at least for a day radio is insisting for you to listen. I give this record 3 stars out of 5 stars.


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