Album Review: The Sicilian Defense

Album Review : The Sicilian Defense
Artist : Alan Parsons Project
Genre : Pop / Instrumental / Electronica/

thecisiclian de
There is only word to describe this album; directionless. If you want to add more description; confusing. This band had several mild hits during 70’s and 80’s but faded during the 90s. Looking back at band’s history, this album was part of the struggle between the members and their record label. Apparently, this was released as contractual fulfilment. Thus, you will observe while listening to this record that it lacks character.

While having chess positions as song title as innovative, the music are not. You might think that Vangelis is producing this record but apparently he did not. If you will ignore the album cover, you might believe that this is a Richard Clayderman album. You can just imagine how cheesy the whole album would be if some songs were provided with vocals. There are songs in here that try to be dramatic but it cannot hold on to its goal like Kt-QB9.

After listening to this record, you can say that it’s good that the band is no longer active if they will produce similar records like this. I rate this album 1 star out of 5 stars.


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