Album Review: Shapes and Patterns

Album Review : Shapes and Pattern
Artist : Swing Out Sister
Genre : Pop / Jazz

shapes and patterns
Some music critics considered Corrine Drewery and her band Swing Out Sister as one hit wonder and others label them as cult bands. There 80’s babies who thought that this band has stopped producing albums after the release of Get In Touch With Yourself, where many listeners fell in love with “Am I The Say Girl.”

The intro song “Somewhere In The World” will make listeners believe that this album is a continuation where Kaleidoscopic World ended. “Here and Now” is a slower cousin of their previous mild hit “You On My Mind” which was a great song in that mentioned album. In “We Could Make It Happen,” the trend and the reworking with “You On My Mind” has become more obvious. With “Shapes and Pattern,” you will notice an uncanny resemblance in the introduction with that of George Michael’s “Fast Love.” Fortunately, the song is just a short break in between songs.
After the break, “Better Make It Better” follows and you have another reworking of a song from “Kaleidoscopic World” which is “Where In The World”; a little bit slower though, but you can detect more or less the same chord progression and song construction. The drum beat in “Something Out of This World” will make you recall the drum program in “Understand” from the album Get In Touch With Yourself; again another slow recreation of their previous upbeat songs.

There is a little bit of remake here. Remember that music critics compared their “You On My Mind” song with that of “The Association’s “Up , Up, and Away.” This time, the band opted to cover an old 5th Dimension hit to make it safe for them and avoid being compared; “Stone Soul Picnic.” There is that feeling that “You Already Know” is “Everyday Crime” (an instrumental song in the album Get In Touch With Yourself) with vocals. It is quite a pity that “Icy Cold As Winter” is placed towards the end of the album. There is a tendency that this song might not get discovered by listeners if they find several songs before this song boring and decided not to continue the whole record. This song is quite “Bjorkish “in terms of treatment. You can rank this song along with Bedtime Story (coincidentally was co-written by Bjork) of Madonna.

While the whole album might be construed as a repeat of their previous albums, you can say that this is quite an engaging record. Once you listen to while lounging in a lazy Sunday afternoon, you will be tempted to play it again and again. I rate this album 2.5 stars out 5 stars.


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