Album Review : The Collection

Album Review : The Collection
Artist : Boyzone
Genre : Pop

You know that a solo performer or a band is made when there is collection or anthology of their works is released. If the artist released several anthologies, it could mean that he or she has outstayed her critics. If the artist released a collection of songs that is equivalent to two albums, then, he or she or they have accumulated several chart topping hits. In the case of Boyzone, it is quite unfortunate that they could not rank with U2 and Rolling Stone in terms of longetivity but, in terms of hits, definitely, the group belong together with legends like Beatles, and the two mentioned bands.

In this collection, all their hits are gathered together. Who wouldn’t want to sing along with “Love Me For A Reason,” “Baby Can I Hold You,” No Matter What,” and “Picture of You.” Who wouldn’t want to reminisce their live performances with “Father and Son” (a remake of Cat Stevens hit) and “A Different Zone.” Who wouldn’t want to sway with their teeny bopper songs like “Can’t Stop Me,” Love Is A Hurricane,” “One Kiss AT A Time,” “Key To My Life (Unlocked Mix),” and “So They Told Me.”

If you want some songs from this group but wouldn’t want to buy all their albums, this is a good start to listen and appreciate Boyzone. From here on, you can decide if it is worth buying all their records and find some hidden gems in those records. Meanwhile, this record is a good collection; I rate this album 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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