Album Review : Brother

Album Review : Brother
Artist : Morten Harket
Genre : Pop


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As one of the three members of famous 80’s band A-Ha, it is expected for fans of this band to know what happened with the lead singer. Well, here it is, he moved on to a solo career and released albums like this. Yes, and it is possible that Morten Harket will likely pay homage to A-Ha by composing songs and performing it like the band never disbanded. Let me judge that at the end of this review.

The intro song “Brother” may not be a homage to his fellow band member but it is a proclamation that Harket is willing to do a reunion album. Thus, “Do You Remember Me” did not only ask the question but also reminds listeners how songs from A-Ha sounds like. Since he is the lead vocalist, it cannot be ignored that this record is really an A-Ha album as “Safe With Me” presents.
In “Whispering Heart”, Morten tried to deliver a song without shadows of A-Ha lurking behind the song. He succeeded because he did rely on his 5 octave vocals and make the song sound like the usual hits of his former band. He was again successful of exorcising the ghost of his ex-band with “Heaven Cast” by not giving in to his famous falsetto attacks in between lines of the song.

“Oh What A Night” is a drama song. If his intention is to formally say goodbye to his A-Ha days, then I will forgive him by making this song “End of The Line” constructed like one of the songs of the band’s last two album. “Can’t Answer This” is slow song worthy of several listening moments. It is a gem in this album. “First Man To The Grave” shows that he can really exorcise A-Ha.

I rate this record 3 stars out of 5 stars.


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