Album Review : THE LOVESONGS

Album Review : The Lovesongs
Artist : Westlife
Genre : Pop

Westlife - Westlife - The Lovesongs (2014)[MAC]
One of the problems when putting out compilation albums is that some songs are not fitted to be in the anthology. Thus, it is quite a relief that this compilation from one of the most successful British acts is quite right in some way. The Lovesong compilation is true form thus, you won’t find “Bop Bop Baby and If I Let You Go” in this record. Although, “World Of Our Own” might be considered as a compromise since it is not as upbeat as the two mentioned songs.

However, there is a bit of misrepresentation here with the song “When You’re Looking Like That.” It is quite difficult to imagine this as a love song. Of course, “Let There Be Love” should be in here to showcase their versatility in terms of delivering all sorts of love songs.

So, is this a good compilation? That depends, if you are a loyal fan, this is for you. If you want just pure easy listening music, it could be as there are other better compilations out there. I rate this record 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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