Album Review : Seven

Album Review : Seven
Artist : Lisa Stansfield
Genre : Pop / Jazz /R and B


She first made her mark with Affection which sold more than 5 million copies around the world. She followed it with six more studio albums and several compilations. She is for me I call a niche artist and a little bit of crossover will do no harm. Artist like her have special feel when it comes to music, it is only their loyal fans and serious music lovers can appreciate her body of work. In other words, other people will find her songs boring as time goes on.

I have that feeling when I listened first to this record. I wished that she could have reinvent herself and produce more pop songs instead of relying on fusing jazz, pop, and r and b since she has the voice and aplomb to perform songs reminiscent of seventies diva. In “Can’t Dance, Picket Fence, Carry On, and So Be It,” she just showed that she is capable of playing with her voice from wailing to loud whisper; no need using technology to polish certain vocal inefficiencies. This is what separates her from other singers.

Thus, in songs like “Stupid Heart and Why,” she even proclaimed to people I can do better. These two songs might be impressed upon as Broadway songs. In “The Crown,” she gave us idea how good a singer she is better than any current female R and B singers right now. She just knows how to project emotion in a song. The song “Love Can” just reminds you with songs she did in So Natural album.

As a whole, there is still that feeling that she has offered nothing new in this album. However, it is not the case of having new or has evolved into something. She just has a voice that suited to easy listening music and you will ignore the similarities of songs in this album with past music from here. I rate this record 3 stars out of 5 stars.


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