Album Review : White Ladder

Album Review : White Ladder
Artist : David Gray
Genre : Pop / Alternative

white ladder

This is an old record and was re-released ten years after; it was first released in 1998. Thus, you might expect that this album might be quite dated. There are so many interesting aspects about this record. First, the growling voice is not a hindrance to appreciate the whole album. In fact, he has the same charm with singers who have the same kind of voice like Kurt Cobain. Second, the musical arrangement in almost all songs in the album are quite melodious and not boring and not a repeat or rearranging of chords of other songs. Third, there are various musical styles in the album that he was able to mix well together; like pop, folk, electronica, alternative, and rock. Fourth, it is one of those records that you won’t get tired listening over and over again. Fifth, he wrote songs like Sting, pure prose and poetry.

It is hard to review all songs individually as each has its own charm. For example, “Babylon,” mashes up folk and dub step or trip hop, “My Oh My” has alternative genre and folk merged together thus, you cannot consider this song as one of those grunge songs that you hear during the nineties. The best track here is his own version of “Say Hello Wave Goodbye” from Marc Almond of Soft Cell. I suggest that you keep your own copy of this album. I rate this 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. One more thing, don’t you dare compare him with Bob Dylan just because of his voice.


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