Album Review : Wanderlust

Album Review : WANDERLUST
Artist : Sophie Ellis Bextor
Genre : Pop
cover art

Indeed, it is quite difficult to hold on to a career in pop music. One day you hit big time, and days later you discovered that your popularity is waning. It could be due to the songs that you deliver for your fans. While it is worthwhile to be steadfast with what you are comfortable with, however, giving more of the same can be a disaster especially if you do not have large fan base.

For example, who would want to listen songs with title “Birth of An Empire.” While it is about being victorious but this is not the kind of song people will embrace as personal anthem. The problem with “Until The Stars Collide” is that this kind of music is already exploited by Lana del Rey, and it takes greater effort for listeners to shy away from assuming that this one is not sang by Lana. The song though has a good piano background and transition from stanza to chorus and refrain. “Runaway Daydreamer” utilizes her unique voice complemented with easy listening melody. However, if you are not familiar with the familiar with the female vocalist of Six Pence None The Richer, you would think that this one is quite unique.

In “The Deer and The Wolf”, I have this feeling while listening to this song that this one is a homage to Kate Bush. Her clarity with words is more pronounce in “Young Blood.” In “Interlude” she pursued the path where Bjork is familiar with; icy tune, near whisper vocal delivery, slow beat, and acoustic music. If there is a song that reminds you of Kate Bush, then you have “13 Little Dolls” to remember that Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders was such as good singer. With “Wrong Side of The Sun” you have a song that is worthy of your time. One that can make you relax. “Love Is A Camera” feels like a folk song or novelty song. “Cry To Beat of The Band” is quite a disappointment, it would have worked better had this one become a dance song considering the title. The last song “When The Storm Has Blown Over” is a reminder on how inconsistent this album is. It tried to be epic in scale but somehow it was not able to hold on especially on ballads.

This is still a nice alternative if you are tired with the usual music you hear on the radio. I rate this record 3 stars out of 5 stars.


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