Album Review : The Secret

Album Review : THE SECRET
Artist : Austin Mahone
Genre : Pop

the secret

Pop albums and artists come and go. While there are formulas to rely on to launch new artist, it is not a guarantee for success. Thus, you have pop albums that stuff every formulas that there is such as, cute lyrics, handsome or pretty face, familiar hooks, upbeat tunes, begin with fast song, and trite and tested song titles. These things are all present in this record. Thus, there is a question if it worked. As mentioned early on, it is not a guarantee. Unfortunately, the same can be said in this album. It does work in few songs but majority, the whole production in the record, makes the whole album as nothing to fancy about.

First, the musical arrangement is too familiar and you already heard these in other pop artists who came and faded. There is no single song that has good hooks; one that a refrain or two will linger in your mind. While “Mmmm, Yeah” is danceable, I think it is time to avoid Pitbull. When music fans scour for records, if they find Pitbull in the album credits, one thing is that at this time, they would believe that the record is just one of those wanting to get attention and nothing new to offer either in terms of lyrics or melody. “Secret” has a vibe that was already abused by N Sync and Backstreet Boys. The drum program in “Can’t Fight This Love” is similar to “Quit Playing Games.”

“All I Ever Need” is a lovely teen ballad that’s it. It is the usual love song that is mandatory to make the girls swoon. “The Love I’ve Waited For” is another boy band stuff. Truth to tell, this is one is for your guilty pleasure. The acoustic ballad “Shadow” showcase his vocal talent. But, it only proves further that this is the kind of vocal prowess that will not help prosper his career in the music industry; too many sound alike. The final song “What About Love” starts like thunder but ends like a whimper; he sung it like he is performing in a talent show somewhere in one of little campuses in the country.

Austin Mahone has the talent and voice however, he needs to gain control in producing his next album to maximize these. This album is good, if you want to remember Justin Timberlake when he was younger. I rate this record 2.5 stars of 5 stars.


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