Album Review : The Rebirth

Album Review : The Rebirth
Artist : Eric Bellinger
Genre : R and B / Hip Hop / Rap / Pop

One of the problems I find with Afro-American artist is that they tend to be generic. There is a tendency that once you listen to one of them you feel like you listen to every one of them already. In this album, Eric Bellinger was introduced by Usher in a certain song citing that he is a buddy and a good songwriter. However, in the intro song “The Rebirth,” there is a feeling that you might be listening to any hip hop or R and B artist. In fact, you thought that this album is either from Jason Derulo or Akon because of the similarity of the voice and the instrumentation that you hear in the first song.

The association with Jason Derulo is even more pronounced with “Asap, Double Entendre, Club Lights and Body Language.” There is an Akon feel in songs “I Don’t Want Her, Drake’s Ex, R and B Singer, and Circle of Love.” The rest of the songs can be considered as both Jason and Akon in terms of style and musicality. Is there really a need to distort vocals with voda technology, or is the artist hiding vocal inefficiency thus, there is a lot of machination with the vocals.

The album is not without good points. First, “Liquid Courage” is a gem. While it can be perceived as generic R and B song, the almost acapella feel of the song is a good break considering the musical style the whole album has. Second, on the average, songs in this record are just little over 3 minutes, thus, it is not excruciating to force yourself to listen to individual songs and find something which can delight your musical sensibility. Third, “So Good” is another good song. It reminds you of Boys II Men of long ago.

If you are into light rap, hip hop, and R and B songs, this record is tolerable for your needs. I rate this record 2.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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