Album Review : Good Feeling

Album Review : Good Feeling
Artist : Paul Carrack
Genre : Pop

paul carrack

He is called by BBC as the man with golden voice. He is a well respected musician and performer. As a composer, his songs were sung by prominent artist like Eric Clapton and Diana Ross. Thus, music lovers would take his musical efforts with seriousness not given to other artists. In the first place, he creates music not just songs. If you want good old stuff where good melody, hooks, and lyrics are found in one song, then he is the man to scout. As a solo artist, he had minor success with “Don’t Shed A Tear” which is a top forty hit in the US.

In this 2012 album, Paul Carrack showcased his talent in creating lyrics that are heartfelt and simple. His words may not be poetic thus, it doesn’t need considerable time to realize what he is singing all about. His best asset as a singer is that he doesn’t chew on words. His voice is so clear that you won’t have time deciphering that words that come out from his lips. Another good feature in this record is that, if you want good old record where technology did not invade it, this one is for you. Think of piano, organ, percussion, banjo, folk guitar, basic drum, and electric guitar to name a few.

With his clear vocals, you can surely appreciate songs like “I Can Hear Ray,” “Nothing Without You,” “A Child Is Born,” and “When My Little Girl Is Smiling.” There is nothing pretentious on this album. If we are in the fifties, this record would be a big hit. In terms of theme, the record might not be linked cohesively, but musically, the whole production is consistent thus, you find yourself not using the forward or escape button in your media players. For this album, I will give it a rare 5 stars out of 5 stars.


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