Album Review : SORRY I’M LATE

Album Review : SORRY I’M LATE
Artist : Cher Lloyd
Genre : Pop

The sophomore effort of X-Factor candidate was highly anticipated. Her debut album reached top ten in Billboard 200 and received mixed reviews. Thus, fans were really expecting better effort from here. Fortunately, she delivered the expectations.

Best tracks in this record are “Dirty Love,” “Killin It,” “Just Be Mine, “I Wish”, and “Sirens.” The last mentioned is a treat for pop music fans. It has the right ingredients; nice lyrics, good melody, enough musical background and EDM percussion. “Bind Ur Love” might not be one of the best tracks in the album, but this one is better than some pop songs you find in the charts right now. “Just Be Mine” is the kind of song that most female teenagers will adopt as one of their own in terms of lyrics. Who wouldn’t want to fall in love with this song telling everyone “I am crazy chick do things that will make you sick.”

Her vocal performance in the record is quite sincere; no showing off of vocal techniques. And, when she raps, she does it better as she’s not eating her words; clearly enunciated. She sings with maturity but maintains some kind of innocence in most of her songs in this record.

I rate this record 4 stars out of 5 stars.


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