Album Review : High Life

Album Review : HIGH LIFE
Artist : Brian Eno and Karl Hyde
Genre : Rock / World Music/ Experimental

high life
Brian Eno is known to be associated with U2 and in fact he produced around seven albums for the legendary Irish rock band. Thus, it is hardly an amazing thing when you listen to this record that there are shades of U2. Nonetheless, he crafted his own record with Karl Hyde that makes listener ignore its association with Bono’s band.

“Time To Waste It” is a reggae type song minus the usual reggae instruments but instead used electric guitar to create this kind of feel. One of the things that you noticed in this song, is that you can very well say that he can work with Bjork excellently. The way the vocals was rendered it reminds you of how the Icelandic singer play with her voice in “Big Time Sensuality.”
“Lilac” is a nine minute song that makes you think of seventies cop or detective series like Kojak soundtrack. But, Eno infuses it with African sound like beats reminiscent of Paul Simon’s Graceland. In “Moulded Life,” he experimented with several beats to create an eclectic music. This one is better than any Art of Noise created during their musical peak. This is the kind of music only purist can appreciate; pop audience will find this too boring for their taste.

With “Cells and Bells,” the composer and record producer satisfies his desire to create music which I believe his former partners will not touch. It has a fairy tale ambience, it has Middle Eastern vocal delivery, and it is quite melancholic. “DBF” is quite similar with “Lilac” but more like Afro-American sound in terms of inspiration.

If you want to challenge your musical taste, I suggest you indulge in this record. I rate this 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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