Album Review: PRISM

Album Review : PRISM
Artist : Katy Perry
Genre : Pop

The problem with pop music right now is that you can never tell which one is inspiring and copying who. This is what happened with Katy Perry latest effort entitled Prism. It can be attributed with the desire to exceed sales and chart performance of her previous album with this record. When you tied with the King Of Pop on achieving 5 number ones in a single album, the pressure will always be there.

Thus, similarity or feels like the same with that song is very evident. From the first song alone “Roar,” you can hear shades of “Brave” by Sara Barellis. In “Legendary Lovers,” you hear similar chords with songs from Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Lady Gaga. In “Birthday,” the song intro refrain feels like “Makin It.” Well, the whole has seventies atmosphere. “Walking on Air” starts with generic intro music you hear with 90’s dance music, and true to form, this is very nineties. You can mash up this with any song from C and C Music Factory. She screamed her way declaring unconditional love with “Unconditional” and I feel that the screaming element in this song destroyed what could have been a passionate declaration.

The song “Dark Horse” made me associated it with Paula Abdul’s “My Love Is For Real.” Maybe due to Arabic or Middle Eastern infusions in both songs. “This Is How We Do” is a “Family Affair” by Mary J. Blige inspired song even though the themes were different. “International Smile” can be considered a mash up of old hits like “The One That Got Away” and “Hot N Cold.” In “Ghost,” she begins the song with liquid atmosphere and progress to usual stomping mode in terms of drum program like she did with her other hits. In “Love Me,” she sings about being insecure with love and losing herself. However, the song is crafted like most female drama songs during the eighties.

The song “This Moment” starts well and in the middle it does away with the drum program and she yelled. Then she goes back to first stanza melody. It has predictive style like most moving on songs. In “Double Rainbow,” I think of Book of Love’s “Lullaby” in terms of musical arrangement more or less. “By The Grace of God” can be considered as another filler song to satisfy fans with more Katy Perry music in one album. “Spiritual” has A-Ha strain similar to their “Summer Move On” song. “It Takes Two” will bring you back to Rocky series. The song is quite similar with “Eye of The Tiger” during the beginning of the song. She ended Prism with the song “Choose Your Battle.” It is quite amusing that I find this song more like the ones performed by The Motels.

For Katy Perry fans, this record delivers what they expected from her. For non-fans, you can ask around which one to download. Only three songs are not radio friendly thus, with right promotion, she will equal or even surpass Michael Jackson’s record; she already achieved two number ones in this album. I rate this record 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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