Album Review : Band of Brothers

Artist : Willie Nelson
Genre : Country

When you are performing for half a century now, chances are you might have told almost everything in a song. Thus, it is not surprising that Willie Nelson starts his first song with “they say there is no gain without pain, well I must be gaining a lot.” Well, he has the right to say it considering all the ups and downs he went through personally and professionally. In “Bring It On,” he sings about accommodating pain and he sings it like challenging everyone that he can still carry more pain. “Guitar in The Corner” is a typically country song that listeners will imagine about cowboys and horses. It is a very simple song that works well with his voice not forced and pleasant to your ears. In “The Wall,” he decided to be reflective with his past and how he crashed on several “walls” in his life.

“Whenever You Come Around” has a intro that makes you conclude that this is a very sullen song. It tells about experiencing heaven and hell when she comes around. It is not so big on words when he sang about the upsides and downsides each he sees the girl. “Wives and Girlfriends” is a tribute song to all the girls he loved before. This song will encourage listeners to research who is wife number 7 or number 9. There is a tendency for country song to be generic, thus the first musical strain that you hear in “I Thought I Left You,’ is similar to “How Do I Live” whether it is Trisha Yearwood version or LeAnn Rimes rendition. A little bit of honky-tonk in “Send Me A Picture.” I can imagine Clint Eastwood singing this song. Barn song is never absent when it comes to country records thus, Willie Nelson has this “Used To Her.” It is the kind of song to play around while drinking beer at home or in pub houses.

“The Git Go” is basic country song. The carrier song “Band of Brothers” will amuse you as you might think that the “whatever” refers to the LGBT as he sings it like this “we are band of brothers and sisters and whatever, on a mission to break all the rules.” A country album is never complete if the artist doesn’t have a narrative song like “Coward of The Country” by Kenny Rogers. In “Hard To Be An Outlaw,” he sings about being an anomaly in the country music as current playlist in this genre according to him is no longer country in all its elements. “Crazy Like Me” is the kind of country song that teach young country performers how to create a song that makes people dance think of “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus.

There is a certain kind of immorality with “The Songwriter;” singing about making love with best friends wives, shooting all the bad guys, being heroes and schemers, and one “nighter” individuals. He ended this album with “I’ve Got A Lot of Travelling To Do,” he sings about looking for another niche in the country music as the scene is already crowded and mostly young performers dominate the industry and he has to find those people who still want to listen to his brand of music.

It is quite a pity that most country aficionados would rather listen to country music that can crossover to pop circle. If you want plain old country music that makes you think about cowboys, boots, barn dance, drinking beer in pubs, listening to songs about heartaches and memories with screaming and yelling, this one is an excellent choice. I rate this record 4 stars out of 5 stars.


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