Album Review : The Crystal Method

Artist : The Crystal Method
Genre : Pop

the crystal method
There are times that you enjoy a record because it reminds you of so many things. This album is quite a record of remembrance. “Emulator” merges elements of synths you listen from Kraftwerk, 90’s house music, and the”yeah yeah yeah” that goes along with it. “”Over It” reminds you all the songs in Lady Gaga’s pretentious latest effort. “”Sling The Deck” will transport you in time where Italo Disco ruled the airwaves from time to time.

In “Storm To The Castle,” you imagined video games like “Dungeons and Dragons” and somehow you will be enticed to play the game while listening to this music. “To The 101,” here is an effort that would encouraged scenes from Miami Vice series; so very eighties, this is what the whole music is all about. “Jupiter Shift” will probably makes you think about space and the unknown but it doesn’t. It will only make you think of “Right Here Right Now” by Fatboy Slim.

“Dosimeter” is quite a punishment after listening to several songs that are quite dated in terms of feel. Oh, LeAnn Rimes is in this song; “Grace.” It is a grace indeed, the song provides the necessary break to erase the monotony of the record. How you wish that LeAnn Rimes will do more of this stuff in her future endeavour. “Difference” is a return to form song. The intro alone will drive you to push “next” button. “Metro” is album-filler music. The record ends with “Afterhours.” This is the kind of song The Crystal Method is known for; kind of psychedelic, fun, a female vocalist wailing in the background.

So, if will have a long drive and want to recall moments in the past, this record is for this kind of activity. I rate this record 3 stars out of 5 stars.


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