Album Review : LIGHTS OUT

Album Review : LIGHTS OUT
Artist : Ingrid Michaelson
Genre : Pop

Only few records can capture the interest of the listener in its few bars. This is one of them. The question is will the first song maintain it? “Home” fortunately made finish the whole and I say it is quite the female version of “Viva La Vida” of Coldplay. The next song “Girls Chase Boys,” is quite anthemic as it sings about “beating heart and I will be alright. And of course, it has the usual urging lyrics to say something about girls chasing boys. In “Wonderful Unknown,” you have a song that won’t thug your hearts but indulge your senses and makes you relax. A good song to counter insomnia but first, you have to make love. The song has wonderful metaphor with it; “here we go, going in alone into the darkened wonderful unknown, inside this house.”

The problem with singers with thin voice is that the production side tend to be too polished to hide the vocal weaknesses. “You’ve Got Me” is one of these songs. It starts with a banjo like Madonna did in “Love Spent.” Unlike with the Queen of Pop song, Ingrid’s song progression did not have too much electronic manoeuvre instead, it rely on drums, banjo, and electric guitar. The end result is a song that will not forced you to listen until the very end. “Warpath” is interestingly crafted. It has drum program reminiscent in songs from The Go Gos or in Belinda Carlisle in particular. Girls will surely easily pick up this song when they are confronting issues with their boyfriends.

Fortunately, her voice is not similar with Lana del Rey, had it been so, you would think that “Handsome Hands” is a song from her. It’s pleading ambience will make you think of “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescene. Horn and piano are wonderful combination if you want to create a song that will pique interest of the listener. In “Time Machine,” both instruments were maximized to have a song that do not only maintain the attention of the listener but will mist pure pop songs where lyrics, good hooks, and nice melodies are all in one song.

“One Night Town” has an intro that is fashioned like “Holiday” of Madonna. However, the song goes on with tune and lyrics like that of “Lights” by Ellie Goulding. It is still nice to listen to though. “Open Hands” is a break up song. It is the kind of song that would fit easily in any “chick-flick” movie. “Ready To Lose” is a reflective moment in a song. In other words, it is a moving on song; like any break up song it says “I’m better off alone.”
“Stick” breaks the heartaches “Open Hands” and “Ready To Lose” declared. The symphony background compliments its declaration of asking how things are after the break up. The moving on aspect in this record continues with “Afterlife.” This time it is more upbeat when she sings “we all gonna be alright.” Finally, she declared that she is already over with the relationship. She doesn’t need a friend to tell herself that she is really over unlike with “Almost Over You” by Sheena Easton. She finally says that even though the perfect love was there but it only needs telling herself to tell it so. Of course, when you finally say that it is really over, you have to have a mantra to guide you after. “Everyone is Gonna Love Me” is supposedly it, but, the words “you gonna let me go” only reinforce the idea that she is not ready to move on. It is like believing a fantasy that fairy tales do come true; ironic title indeed.

The whole record is cohesive. The songs were arranged in order to tell a story a about a relationship and the person involved specifically. I rate this record 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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