Album Review : 1000 Forms of Fear

Album Review : 1000 FORMS OF FEAR
Artist : Sia
Genre : Pop / R and B / EDM

When I first heard first few bars and lines of this record, I felt that the singer was just mumbling, until I reach the middle of “Chandelier” my expectations were gone. I expected a rap song as the first song. Sia belted her in the middle and I really imagine her swinging in the chandelier while singing this song. “Big Girls Cry” might be compared with Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” it cannot be helped but Sia’s song is worth more than hundreds of listening like that of Fergie. Who would not sing along when you have lyrics such as “big girls cry when their hearts is breaking.”

“Burn The Pages” has infectious drum beat and synths that are usual stuff but you can overlook that fact that it is but you will be more drawn with the melody backing up words “don’t worry I’m here by your side, just let him go, gonna be okay, and oh oh oh.” Nice words indeed for girl huddle while sipping margarita comforting a girl friend who is on a near meltdown due to heartache. Being ready and holding steady is what the song tells us in ‘Eye of The Needle.” I am quite confused how is the eye of the needle a figurative word in this moving on type of song.

“Hostage” is a declaration of hurt and pain yet telling someone that it “ain’t no big deal.” However, the song is an excellent crafting of bubble gum pop with expression of asking not to lock her up. The next song has a nice bass intro backed up with piano. “Straight To The Knife” can be considered a seduction song. It is quite a metaphor for being drawn and lost in the sensation of seduction. “Fair Game” has good lyrics insinuating how fearsome it is to fall in love not with a boy. It is terrifying for the singer to think how this man can shake her wits until she gives up.

“Elastic” made me interested with this song considering that it features Diplo; new EDM sensation. Sadly, he did not weave an interesting music here and the whole song can be construed as a rehash and mash up of “Straight To The Knife” and “Fair Game.” After listening “Free The Animal,” I feel that most songs are just rewritten stuff of what other artists had done before. In fact, this song just rearranges the chords of “Chandelier” to create another upbeat song. “Fire Meets Gasoline” is a song about desire burning. It might be a standard stuff however, her vocal performance makes you sympathize with her regarding dangers of being trapped in ardent passion. “Cellophane” has her deliver a song that reminds you of Ella Fitzgerald. The closing song “Dressed in Black” feels like being enclosed in a darkened bedroom with ticking of the clock as the only sound that you hear while reflecting.

The whole album is an attack on how to manage different emotions when it comes to love; from being in love to breaking up, and moving out of love. She did deliver and tell something one should manage many different anxieties on matters of the heart. I rate this album 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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