Album Review : KEEP IT REAL

Album Review : KEEP IT REAL
Artist : Timbaland
Genre : Pop / R and B/ Hip Hop / Rap

There are lots of expectations with Timbaland’s solo effort considering all the production stuff he did with artists like Madonna, Justin Timberlake, and Nelly Furtado. The intro thing in this record gives you an idea of what will be the whole album is all about; same old stuff. Is this correct? Let us see.

‘3:30 In The Morning,” in this song one would think that this is a 90’s song. There are lots of vocal exercises coming from the featured female singer, in fact you would think that this is Mary J Blige singing some song in her “411” album. In “Wit You Bad Self,” he gave something which is standard song from Timbaland, fortunately, the simplicity of the song works well as this is something which you can play while having an all night party at home and you don’t disturb the neighbour as it is quite melodious and pleasant to their ears. “Who Am I” starts with clapping background and introduce himself and the featured guest. However, another nineties stuff is offered. “Whatcha Talkin’ About” is another filler song that needs to feature another artist to make it current but still you cannot deny that you heard it all before.

The intro music in “Birthday” makes one feel to be seductive during natal day celebration. He could have added production polishing like he did with Nelly Furtado’s “Say It Right.” The wind background could have been more effective had it been that way. “Watcha Know About This” is the kind of song that any Hip Hop Artist can do; nothing great in here. Nas is featured in “To My,” you would expect something which is radio will embrace easily but, this song will have its way directly to your car stereo. In “Talking In The Phone,” he was able to weave a song which is different from what you hear from Missy Elliot. It is rare for Missy Elliot rapping blends well with another singer singing as well. However, the phone background made you recall Madonna stuff in “Bye Bye Baby.” “Can’t Nobody” maybe is generic, but this is one of the okay stuff in this record. The production that he did in “Bringin It On” is already exploited in many Justin Timberlake record.

“Do You Like It” is another song worthy of “next button” in your media player. Jay Z is featured in “Lobster and Shrimp,” and the verdict is that they could have infused this with musical background ala “Gangnam Style” and it could have worked well as a novelty song. “Keep It Real” starts well and you have this feeling that this will be an upbeat song. Unfortunately, it lacks hook and so monotonous thus it is boring to listen; another “forward button” moment. “John Blaze” forget him and the song as well. “Get It On” will not make you forget songs with more or less similar title; it does not lure people to get down on it. I don’t know if he is trying to resurrect Ludacris career in “Fat Rabbit.” He might as well rename it as “Tragic”; it is a nail in the coffin type of song.

As a whole, there is a demand for Timbaland that he should not repeat himself. In addition, there is a feeling that he works well collaborating with other artist as producer instead of performer. I rate this record 2 stars out of 5 stars.


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