Album Review: High Loops

Album Review : High Loops
Artist : Iman Omari
Genre : Pop / R and B/ Hip Hop / Rap
You will be surprised with this record. This is an unexpectedly delicious record. Why delicious? In the song “Addicted,” the artists is telling listeners how it is to be addicted with someone, and at the end of the song, you like to know if the addiction will linger. The song “Gemz” is produced the way Jennifer Lopez did it “All I Have”; you know seventies stuff with a little bit of rapping there and a music here. While nothing new in terms of production, the addiction with the record stays.

“Green Light” merges glamour of the fifties and the polished record making effort of current songs. Definitely, a crossover kind of song, the kind of stuff that you hear in compilation albums of Seattle’s Best. “Gravy” is one song that will make addiction to this album more encouraging. “Freefall” however, destroy the ecstasy previous song weaved to your consciousness. It just continues what “Green Light” did. I expected more mid-tempo stuff.

In “Freek A Leek,” the artist recovers the addiction and urges it with claps not craps. The album ended with the song “Luv U,” and it is a perfect song to end the record. It makes the listener feel good with the addiction and instead of being high, the listener is subjected to being unconscious and desire to play the record again.

I rate this record 4 stars out of 5 stars.


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