Album Review : The Hunting Party
Artist : Linkin Park
Genre : Rock / Modern Rock

linkin park
The verdict is in. Linkin Park latest record did not hit number 1 in Billboard 200 Album Chart. And fans and non fans were hardly surprise with chart performance of The Hunting Party. One reason could be that this rock band has become monotonous after several albums. All songs in this record can be considered as rip offs of their previous records; no spectacular songs that can match “In The End.” The whole effort tried to sound like a punk album but what you can tell is just the group are just ranting something which has been ranted and screamed before.

It also did not helped featuring several artist as they did not contribute that will make the whole album as standout. Subscribing to formula most pop artist do (featuring rappers and other pop artist) did not help, in fact, one can say that this is album was created lazily.

While the whole album is not really satisfactory, there are individual songs which fans can enjoy like “War,” “Rebellion,” and “Wasteland;” pure rock sensibilities exploiting their own brand of music. “Until It’s Gone” and “Final Masquerade” are radio friendly songs. “Mark The Grave,” and “A Line In The Sand are command performance songs telling everyone that we that the band is still relevant.
It’s time for this rock band to reinvent and put more efforts for their next album. Maybe they should try their hand with narrative rock album like Queen did in “A Night At The Opera.” I rate this latest effort of Linkin Park 3 stars out of 5 stars.


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