Album Review : Believe

Album Review : Believe
Artist : Maja Salvador
Genre : Pop

maja salvador
There are lots of questions raised while I listen to this record. First, is she Bisaya bah? I just find it hard that somehow there are several lines in several songs in this record that were mispronounced or uttered quite with an accent not common for people who are native speakers of Tagalog language. The first song alone “Kilig,” if find her pronunciation with the word “natutuwa” quite in the league the Manilyn Reynes uttered it.

Second questions is that, is there any kind of music where celebrities who want a showbiz career must not deal with? Does it have to be bubblegum pop even though celebrities like Maja cannot carry it? Yes, most of the songs in here do not quite fit here. She has the voice to do it but not the believability to carry the tune.

Third, is cover version or remake version of previous hit songs mandatory? This album has this requirement and sorry Maja, you just cannot beat what Jaya did “Wala Na Bang Pag-Ibig.” She delivered with passion as if a woman betrayed while yours was like one of those performances in karaoke bars. The same observation can be described with “Dahan Dahan.” Her rendition of the song was quite confusing; listener cannot figure out if this is a seduction song, or a morality song, maybe the lyrics were not properly constructed and arranged. In another cover version of “Urong Sulong,” you know Maja had a problem, another videoke rendition of long ago hits.

“Buong Gabi” suffers personality problem. The lyrics call for dancing all night and she sang it as if she still pinning for a lost love and the melody of the song is very upbeat like a samba music in Brazil. Big problem indeed. This is the kind of record that feels good to listen the first time and after second playing you move on to your favourite record. I rate this record 1 star out of 5 stars.


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