Album Review : World Peace Is None Of Your Business
Artist : Morrissey
Genre : Pop / Rock
Some of interesting characteristics of a Morrissey records are; intelligent lyrics, long titles, unstructured melody, anger and angst theme, anti-establishments songs, and vagueness on some themes. For non-Morrissey fans it takes a lot effort to appreciate his songs unless if it is in the league of his pop hits like “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get.” His latest effort carry the same characteristics, however, this one is more listenable. For example, the carrier song “World Peace Is None Of Your Business” has two melodies in one song. How? The vocal rendition has a different melody and the musical background has another melody. Yet, the two meets the twain.

“Neil Cassidy Is Dead” is a dead song; too generic. “I’m Not A Man” sounds like an experiment and it took over two minutes for the song to pick up its tempo. Fans and non fans will really love this song if only the introduction was shortened. “Istanbul” is like an offspring of his old hits. It is interesting to note that the first stanza has poetic rhythm and cadence and succeeding stanzas went into free verse. How I wish he stayed away from free verse. “In Earth The Loneliest Planet Of All,” surprise is the working element here. It is Latin plus World Music, and he created a wonderful song that is relaxing yet thought provoking in terms of lyrics; for a place with billion populations still the loneliest planet for him? “Staircase At The Universe” is an unexpected pop song from him. The significant difference though with normal pop songs is of course the witty words infused in the song like “you’re no child of mine and as far as I’m concerned your dead.”

“The Bullfighter Dies” begins with a horn like announcing the entrance of either the bull or the torero. And after listening to this song, you realize that this is all about animal protection. “Kiss Me A Lot” is another example of his talent on how easy for him to construct a melody effortlessly and make it like a new chord progression structure instead of sounding like other hit songs from him or from other artist.

“Smiler With Knife” feels like the knife is pierced to your brain while listening to this song. And it is a sign that you are now in the phase of the record where his penchant for showing off is forced upon us. “Kick The Bride Down The Aisle” does not only have long title but unconventional structure in terms of melody. “Mountjoy” is in the league of “International Playboy”, you know the kind of song that says I am more talented than you lyrically. “Oboe Concerto” is the most boring song in this album. “Scandinavia” is like a song entered in “Eurovision” quite disappointing for his talent.

There is a bit of “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Tears For Fears in this song. The musical background in “One Of Our Own” using the piano and organ has more or less the same chord pattern with that of the former song. “Drag The River” has a good melody like “Cherish” by Kool and The Gang. However, the latter song has a vocal melody that is the same with musical background. While the former song as usual the vocal pattern is different from the instrumental melody. “Forgive Someone” is the kind of song that you will find in a Robbie Williams album. But, knowing Morrissey he can erase this impression with his own brand of singing. “Julie in the Weeds” did not deviate with what “Forgive Someone” offered; nice melody and imaginative lyrics like ” Julie lie down in the weeds and see something new Something new Julie from now on all the pain of youth It will not trouble you.” You can’t help but imagine the lyrics. The album closes with the song “ArtHounds.” Well, it is an attempt to infuse art and pop together

I rate this album 4 stars out of 5 stars.


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