Album Review: Salad Days

Album Review : Salad Days
Artist : Mac De Marco
Genre : Folk

mac demarco
Normal listeners would usually find some gems in the usual stuff that they listen. Thus, if they limit their exposure with their favourite genre they will not find other great songs in other categories like Folk. During the seventies, radio was very friendly with bands and singers in this category. At present, this genre is quite obscure and possibly becomes extinct. Fortunately, artists like Mac DeMarco continue with the legacy of folk music. Honestly speaking, it is really difficult to categorize his kind of music. It is to tame to be considered as rock and too intelligent to be in the league with pop music. Categorizing it under folk music is safer as the songs in this record where nothing like rock and pop. The guitar instrumentation in the whole album gives way to the perception that this is a Folk Record.

As a Folk album, this is quite an amazing record as only few songs can be considered like boring like the other Folk albums previously released by other artists, bands, and groups. “Brother” is a song worthy of inclusion in a horror film soundtrack. “Chamber of Reflection” is very eighties. “Goodbye Weekend” will only make you wish the same thing with this song.

Good bets are on songs “”Blue Boy”, “Let Her Go”, “Let My Baby Stay”, “Treat Her Better,”, “Go Easy” and “Passing out Pieces.” You do not have to be melancholic to listen to this album. In fact, it won’t even make you one. I rate this record 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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