Album Review    :       The Fifa Album: One Love One Rhythm

(The Official Album)

Artist                 :       Various Artists

Genre                :       Pop


Accompanying soundtrack for this every four event has produced some memorable hits “La Copa Vida” by Ricky Martin, “The Best” by Tina Turner, and “Waka Waka” by Shakira, you can’t help to be excited with this latest edition for this monumental soccer event.  When you factor the fact that the event is hosted by Brazil, you can’t help being excited to listen to the songs included in this record. 

The album starts with “We Are One” headline by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull.  After listening to the first song, you get the feeling that your expectations will not be met satisfactorily.  The opening song is just the usual Pitbull and Lopez offer when it comes to pop songs.  It has no interesting hooks and memorable lyrics.  In fact, you just feel like dancing to it and you did not realize that the second is already playing.  There is also huge expectation for Santana and Jean Wyclef in their song “Dar Um Jeito.”  Sadly, as mentioned, it is a just continuation of the opening song.  Do not expect “Smooth” kind of song in here.   “Tatum De Bola” is a standard Brazilian song that you find in any tribute album about the country, nothing great in here except that it inspires you to visit this country.

There is also a bit of former contributors of World Cup Album like Ricky Martin and Shakira.  As usual Martin’s “Vida” delivers an infectious beat, however, the lyrics are still the usual urging everyone “to stand as one, enjoy the game and have fun, it is a celebration, and good life for everyone, let’s dance to have a good life.”  Shakira’s “La la la la “should have been the opening song as it is better constructed; it has the right amount of Brazilian stuff and electronic dance music element.  This could be the reason the song performed better in the charts and in YouTube. 

Other contributions includes from Aloe Blac’s “The World Is Ours” is run of the mill music from him infused with native instruments, thus, it will not stand the test of time.  Other artists’ contributions like that of “Isley Brothers, Bebel Gilberto, Sergio Mendes, and Baha Men” are all fillers; you can conclude that creativity is fast becoming going into extinction.  These talented artist contributed songs that cannot excite listeners and admire their songs lyrically and melodically. 

Most songs focused on the theme of “together as one,” when in fact there are so ideas which you can discuss in a song like “the sad state of losing a game, the effect of world cup to country’s economy, how soccer inspires the youth,” and many others.  The producers choose to remain safe and limit the record to usual elements that hit records are made of.  Unfortunately, the whole album was not destined to be as one, even the individual songs needs thrice the promotion needed in order to become a modest hit. 

I rate these record 1.5 stars out 5 stars. 





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