Album Review : MORNING PHASE

Album Review         :       MORNING PHASE

Artist                       :       Beck

Genre                     ;       Pop Rock,

There are lots of expectations with regard to this new record from Beck; he consistently churned out excellent records.  The record starts with a great song aptly titled as “Morning.”  It is indeed a perfect song to catch the day.  It has a vibe that helps your biorhythm adjust slowly to the surrounding. “Heart Is A Drum” starts like a Nirvana intro song, but slowly progress into a “Life In A Northern Town” (from The Dream Academy) like melody.

Watch official music video of “Heart Is A Drum” in here


It is expected that listeners will find “Loser” type of song in this album.  Well, “Say Goodbye” might fit the requirement although this song is quite slow rock when compared with the former song.  There is a fuse of country music in “Blue Moon” probably because he is singing here of “being tired so being alone.”  In the song “Unforgiven” you won’t be imagining Clint Eastwood here but rather you will recall some psychedelic moments that you have in the past.  You will not find something liquid ambience with “Wave,” instead, you might yourself imagining some movie scenes.  This is the type of song that you hear at the end of epic movies.

Watch live performance of “Say Goodbye” in here

The mandatory guitar plucking in a song is fulfilled in “Don’t Let It Go.”  The song is delivered with hoarse vocal.  And the guitar plucking continues with “Blackbird Chain.” This song can rank in the same league with that of Neil Young’s classic folk songs contained in the album “Rust Never Sleeps.”   It is quite a surprised to hear “Turn Away” like a cowboy movie soundtrack.  Think of cowboys riding horses heading towards The Grand Canyon.  Watch live performance of “Blackbird Chain” in here

And, “Country Down” provides the explanation why the album is infused with country music.  After imagining cowboys riding horses, you tend to picture them resting with a bonfire in front of them while enjoying this song.  The harmonica break gives a sad feeling though.  The last song in this record, “Walking Light” merely complements what “Morning” wants to do with our biorhythm.  The song talks about ‘morning comes to meet you, rest your eyes, and recognized.”  It is a song that fits moment when you want to reflect about your day and your whole as well.

Watch live performance of “Walking Light” in here

As a whole, this is quite a solemn record, but Beck delivers this one with simple melodies and right on target lyrics.  No metaphors that will confuse your mind.  I rate this album 4 stars out of 5 stars.


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