Album Review : A Perfect Contradiction

Album Review         :           A Perfect Contradiction

Artist                      :           Paloma Faith

Genre                     :           Pop

In the first song alone, you might suppose that this album has a lots of promise.  “Can’t Rely On You” is the kind of song that “Evelyn Thomas” and other great seventies female singer.  It has a good beat that tempts you to get up and dance.  “Mouth to Mouth” has an intro and drum beat that is similar to “A Night To Remember” by Shalamar.  The 70’s feel continues in this song and even further with “Take Me.”  In this song, it somehow connects you with Motown sounds produced during this era. 


“Only Love Can Hurt Like This” can be considered as her homage to “The Supremes” and “Martha and The Vandellas.”  It’s an excellent song considering that most female singers right now are fond of featuring hip hop artists and rappers.  The tribute moves forward with “Let It Go.”  When you factor the title “Other Woman,” you thought that this might be a ballad but you will be surprised that it is quit upbeat.  Maybe, she realized that her voice works with sixties type of songs thus, “Taste of My Own Tear” has the same feel and you can try mashing this one with “Track of My Tears.” 

“Trouble With My Baby” still has the Motown and seventies groove but she infuses this with electronic dance music.  Thus, it captures currency and memories.  “The Bigger You Love” breaks the dance aspect of the album with this ballad that has trip hop ingredient.  “Impossible Heart” is a mandatory song to expose her with dance club and listeners who want to dance their hearts away.  “Love Only Leaves You Lonely” is the kind of ballad that is stressful to your ears.  “It’s The Not Knowing” follows the same patter with the former ballad mentioned.  You can drive your way to the highway with this song.  The tempo is the usual seventies feel embedded in most of her songs. 

It is quite rare for a record where all songs are good.  One that doesn’t need forward and escape button in your media player or audio component.  I say this is a must album for everyone.  I rate this 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. 



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