Listen To It Till Midnight If You Want

Album Title                         :               Midnight Drive

Artist                                     :               FR David

Genre                                   :               Pop

Year Released                   :               2014

FR David was an 80’s sensation because of the song “Sahara Nights.”  With a catchy single like that people will definitely buy his album.  More than two decades after, it seems that those who bought his record REFLECTIONS forgot about him and probably that he went into hiatus after that record.  This is the beauty of writing album reviews you got curious and my curiosity led me to his discography which I found on Wikipedia.  I found out that he recorded a new album in 2014 and I downloaded and listen to it.  Here are my thoughts.

The voice is there; soothing and not irritating.  It is like listening to Michael Franks and Mike Francis combined. He sung in this album like he is never mindful if the songs are current or dated.  What is important is that he still deliver the kind of song that his loyal fans expected from him.  The music may sound dated and will never attract new listeners but this is the charm of this record.  It does not force people to listen.  After listening to the whole record, there is a feeling of satisfaction from avid fans and probably some appreciation from new listeners.

This record dwells on the simplicity of music.  It doesn’t have high pitched songs that would make FR David to scream his hearts out.  Instead, he just performed the song like he used to.  No pretention to make an album that tackles social issues but rather songs that dwells on simple thoughts; no deep thinking here.

With that I rate this record 3.0 stars out of five stars. As he sung in “So Good,” baby everything so good and baby everything so fine, feels so good, feels so fine.” But the whole album will not make you lose your mind.

Rating Guide

1 star = ignore it

2 star = take a chance

3 star = buy it and listen

4 star = buy it and keep it

5 star = classic


Speaking Your Mind Simply

Album Title                         :               Speak Your Mind

Artist                                     :               Anne Marie

Genre                                   :               Pop

Year Released                   :               2018

From time to time we got to listen to records which might not destine to be a classic album but rather became a personal favorite.  Anne Marie’s 2018 opus titled Speak Your Mind is one of those records. It is not difficult to appreciate the album if you are talking on pure sound trip alone.  While the whole record is a hodgepodge of different genre, the whole record is set to catch your attention just like the debut album of Madonna did three decades ago.

If the producer of this album did not put her image on the album cover, one would definitely conclude that the singer is black as most of the songs have elements of R and B and Soul.  It is like listening to Beyonce while she was with Destiny Childs.  It is the combination of funk, and B, and cute voice makes the whole record endearing that after listening to the whole album you would play it again.  Most of the songs has catchy hooks and refrain.  Some songs have catchy titles like Bad Girlfriend, Trigger, and Rockabye.  It helps that it is loaded with one-word song titles as it will be easy for listeners their favorite songs on this record.

The themes of the song are not so personal but not too preachy either.  Anne Marie is just singing songs that current fans would love to hear and have a good time with it.  With that, I rate this record 3.5 stars. Best songs to listen are HEAVY, CAN I GET YOUR NUMBER, ROCKABYE, FRIENDS, TRIGGER, and BREATHING FIRE. That’s lot songs to enjoy in one record.


Rating Guide

1 star = ignore it

2 star = take a chance

3 star = buy it and listen

4 star = buy it and keep it

5 star = classic

Eminem Confessions

ALBUM TITLE                                 :           REVIVAL

ARTIST                                              :           EMINEM

YEAR RELEASEAD                           :           2017

GENRE                                              :           POP


I think that it is but natural for artist with longer careers to dwell on confessions.  Thus, you have “Confessions on A Dance Floor’ by Madonna.  An album that is full of personal admission on life and everything else. In the case of Eminem, his confession album is a matter of time and it came sooner at the age of 45 years old.  However, the confessions he made on this album is not at all striking as there is nothing new to reveal about himself.  Listeners will sneer at some of his verses on this album as “I’ve heard it all before;” not only from Eminem but from confessions of other artists.

Listen to audio video of his collaboration with Ed Sheeran in “River.”

Musically, there is nothing new.  It is still loaded with piano and verse combination.  If you are looking for results of his rapping genius showed in earlier albums, then you can pass this album and look forward on his tenth album and hope that it will be better.  The album can be considered as a lazy album as there are quite a number of songs that borrows hooks and melodies and mashed them into his verses such as Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock and Roll,’ and The Cranberries “Zombies.”  His duet with Beyonce could not be considered as a career move for the R and B queen.  “Walk on Water” is not as groovy as the one Eminem did with Rihanna. Even his collaboration with Alicia Keys is not as impressive with what she did with Jay-Z in “My Boo.” Thank God that his collaboration with Ed Sheeran is impressive.

Watch lyric video of “Walk On Water’ in here.

As a whole, the album is another welcome addition for his loyal fans.  I rate this record 3 stars only.


ALBUM TITLE                                 :           REPUTATION

ARTIST                                              :           TAYLOR SWIFT

YEAR RELEASEAD                          :           2017

GENRE                                              :           POP


In 1989, Taylor Swift made the big leap from country to pop.  With Reputation, one can tell that she is finally saying goodbye to her country roots as the album is as generic as any cough syrup that one can buy in neighborhood pharmacy.  However, you can tell that Ms. Swift talent lies in crafting lyrics that are not the usual verse that hear from the normal pop songs nowadays.   Indeed, you cannot fault her for not writing tired and clichés or committing lack of creativity by rhyming New York with dork (hello Madonna.)

Watch Ready For It in here

Musically, the album feels like a rehash of what Rihanna, Pink, Madonna, and other noted pop girls at the moment.  You can actually imagine other singers like Beyonce singing “Ready for It” as this song is just as fierce as any song that you can find in Beyonce’s Lemonade album.  You can even hear some familiar strain and instruments of any Bjork song in “Don’t Blame Me.” The lyrics of this song is crafted like a Lady Gaga song; “Oh, Lord, save me, my drug is my baby
I’ll be usin’ for the rest of my life.”
These words felt like a continuation to Lady Gaga’s line in “Dope;’ Stay with me, “Bell Bottom Blue”
I’ll keep on searching for an answer, ’cause I need you more than dope.

The hit single ‘Look What You Made Me Do,’ is like a 90’s rap along the line of INOJ’s “Love You Down.” DJ’s would have field day mashing up these two songs.

Watch “Look What You Made Me Do’”

The album is not without weaknesses, in fact “So It Goes” is one of the weak songs in this new album. By the time you reached to this song, you might want to say “uh hu.”  The song is crafted musically like some songs that chords were reversed and tempo were slowed down.  Now, you might be surprised with the song ‘Gorgeous” as it sounds like one of Katy Perry songs. The music by the time you reach the lyrics “ocean blue eyes looking mine” sounds like a line musically from Perry’s “Unconditionally.” Another weakness of this album is that it tries to be fiercely pop, and the result is that after repeat listening, there is that lingering notion that everything about in this album is all about familiarity.  Music and harmonies heard before from other singers, melodies that sounds like samples of music from long ago. Mix of genre that at times can be considered success and in some songs it sounded like a hurried mash ups.

Watch lyric video of “Gorgeous” in here.

I believe this album will not be elevated to classic album status in the future.  I rate this album 3.5 stars for being likeable album but not great to command repeat listening years after.

A Flicker of Hope for Music

Album                                    :           Flicker

Artist                                      :           Nial Horan

Genre                                     :           Pop

Date Released                       :           2017


From time to time, you get to listen to a very simple album in terms of style and music.  The kind of record that you will cherish to listen as it stands out musically when compared to the current trend.  This album by former member of One Direction is that kind of record.  It is simple yet engaging, it is simple but full of heart. Here is a track by track review of the album.

  1. Fire Away – an engaging melancholic song it reminds you of classic ballads of the 70s.
  2. Flicker- its the consistent timber and tone quaçity of his voice that makes this song worth listening if you are trying to contemplate or sleep.


Screenshot from YouTube

3. Mirrors – its the folk song characteristics  and upbeat at that you will desire to listen to this song repeatedly.

4. On My Own – is a song that you will be mistaken as James Blunt or Zayn Malik. yes the sound is very generic.

5. On The Loose – may not speak of his verstality as an artist but somehow it will speak of his courage to pay homage to old singing groups of long ago like America.

Listen to the song in here

6. Paper Houses – starts like a marching song then evolve like a song that you can sing while enjoying the swing or slide in the park.

7.  Seeing Blind – you can say that this singer is inspired with older artist as in this song you can say this is how Bob dylan amd The Beatles sounds when the two will collaborate in a song.

8.  Since We’re Alone – reminds you again of love song in the early 80 such as Marty Balin’s “Hearts.”

Watch live performance of “Since We’re Alone” in here

9.  Slow Hands – is perhaps the most current in terms of sounds.

10.  This Town – will malke you think of Harry Styles in terms of song quality and musical style.

11. The Tide- is like listening to a bruce springsteen track in the albim Tunnel Of Love.

        12. You and Me – proves that niall has the vocal ability to sing any kind of musical genre.

13. Too Much To Ask – is the weakest song in this album. Watch the video in here

from too much to ask

Screenshot from YouTube

If you are convinced that music nowadays is no longer about music but generic offering, then this album is a flicker of hope to your desire to listen to a different kind of music.  As a whole, this album can be considered as alternative album because of the retro feel.  I rate this record 4 stars


Album                                    :           Fake It Till We Die

Artist                                      :           Anouk

Genre                                      :           Pop

Date Released                     :           2016


It is quite unfortunate that Anouk will become a shadow of Adele.  This is album will not prove just how talented this singer is but somehow listeners especially the first time ones would think that Anouk is a clone of the British female superstar songstress.  This could be attributed to the fact that the songs in this album are songs that Adele would probably sing would include in any of her previous albums if given the chance like in the case of Waste Your Water; she sang this song like Adele is singing in the lower key registration.

Listen to I Just Met A Man in here

However, when one gets to listen seriously with this album, one realizes that Anouk is quite unique and if there is a comparison, she could be compared as Sade’s pop version instead of the jazzy one.  This album is more raw compared with Adele’s last two albums.  Anouk relies on pure musical instruments and feels like a demo version instead of a more polished album like that of Adele.  As a result, one gets to feel the right kind of emotion not only as a reaction to Anouk’s vocal performance but of the lyrics as well.  Perhaps, it was quite a stroke of genius on her part that she shunned away from using too many synths and that she did not drown in the musical background and basked wonderfully on the hidden gem of the song.

Listen to My Man in here

Best tracks to listen to are Brothers and Sisters, My Man (which sounds like a Steve Winwood track,) I Just Met A Man, Burn, Handyman, and Take It Slow.  With that, I rate this record 4 stars out of five stars.

Listen to Burn in here

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